8 Easy Actions That Make Your Body Feel Younger


87% of Americans are afraid of getting older. Many symptoms accompany aging, such as fatigue. But you can fight it with stretching, which will also improve your flexibility and posture, speed up blood circulation and help reduce stress.

Bright Side has put together 8 simple exercises that will relax your muscles and improve your well-being.

8. Pac-Man

Sit down and bend your knees.
Lift and wrap your arms around them with your chin resting on your chest and your rounded back.
Start rolling forward and backward.
Do the exercise for 30 seconds.

7. dog pose

Perform the laying of the board. Then drop your legs, arch your back, put your chest between your arms and tilt your head as far back as possible.
Without bending your arms and legs, lift the buttocks and try to touch your chest with your chin.
Stay in this position for 5 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

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