13 marriage issues that wise couples have overcome easily, and their methods are worth studying


Crises happen in the lives of all couples. They can be big or small. Some couples divorce 2-3 years after their marriage, while they are happy together for many years. It’s not just a matter of chance, it’s a simple concept that suits all couples: that’s all you can do for all the problems in your family’s life.

Bright Side is a list of common problems that the happiest couples can meet. And as it turns out, they can be easily solved!

13. He looks at the other girls.

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Has your partner started to show interest in someone else? Should this be a reason for a crazy scandal or should such actions go unnoticed? There is no single answer to this question. Some people say that worrying about what their partner is looking at other women is the problem of the person who is worried, while others are convinced that this is a sign of an imminent crisis in their relationship. Many men have a different opinion: they see nothing wrong with their evaluative looks and claim that these appearances have nothing to do with a desire to deceive their wives.

12. You started arguing for trifles.

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Psychologists claim that crises occur in all marriages – they occur when partner dissatisfaction reaches its peak. However, crises also have advantages: they allow you to refresh the relationship and make it evolve. Did your friendly, conflict-free partner become an angry person, and did he start arguing over trifles while your house turned into a battlefield? Sorry to inform you, but it is likely that your behavior is far from perfect.

What to do?

Do not try to change partners. such attempts only lead to a wave of indignation. Instead, learn to listen to their opinion. Unfortunately, people close to each other may be more hurt because they know each other’s vulnerabilities. That’s why patience and respect for your partner’s feelings are the elements that will allow your marriage to come out of a crisis.

11. Housework is unequally distributed.

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Even though they live in the 21st century, many families still have stereotypes about the division of labor by sex: a woman must maintain the comfort of her home (even if she works all day), while a man must bring the bacon home. Such positions can lead to insults and confrontations.

What to do?

Discuss questions about the division of housework before marriage. And of course, try to make the most of the time of the scientific and technical progress you are living in: dishwashers, multiple cookers and bread makers can help solve many domestic problems. In addition, if you start using the automatic payment service for home-based public services, the debate over the choice of payment for another electricity bill will not even happen. To the delight of today’s spouses, old stereotypes have already begun to fade and women can run large businesses, while men often take paternal leave to stay at home with their children.

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