11 health facts that made us say, “Whaaat?


Health is the most important thing that people have. That’s why many of us try to learn new things every day that will help us stay healthy as long as possible. Today, it seems that scientists know everything about the human body, but that’s not really true. For example, doctors have recently discovered that having no breakfast has no impact on your health and that chills linked to the cold help you lose weight.

Herie Me has analyzed some of the medical discoveries of the last few years and put together 11 facts that could change your perception of health and even of your lifestyle.

11.Women need more sleep than men.


Researchers at Duke University have discovered that, unlike men, women need more sleep. In the end, if women do not sleep enough, their physical and mental capacities are heavier than men’s. Due to lack of sleep, women tend to go into depressive states more often and in the morning they tend to be more irritated, according to sleeping expert Michael Breus.

10.People who look younger than they live longer.


Danish scientists studied 387 pairs of twins aged 70, 80 and 90 and discovered that just looking at someone’s face is enough to know if a person will live to old age. In other words, if a person looks younger than his actual age, he will live longer than a person who appears older than his actual age. And scientists have proven that it is programmed at the DNA level. Key elements of DNA called telomeres, which indicate the cells’ ability to replicate, are also related to the appearance of a person. Thus, people who look younger have shorter telomeres.

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